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The Toggl Reports API allows developers to leverage the Toggl Data Structure to generate customized reports.

Several types of reports can be produced: Summary Reports, Detailed Reports, Weekly Reports, Saved Reports, and Insights.

Users can tailor the report content using various filters and sorting preferences. The majority of the reports can be exported in PDF, CSV, XLSX formats, or a combination thereof.

To access a report's content, you must specify the associated workspace. Please note that the Reports API does not support cross-workspace reports. The base URL for the Reports API is

Reports can be either public or private. Public reports are accessible by anyone, while private reports can only be accessed by the report's owner or workspace admin. If these conditions are not met, a 403 status code is returned.

Note: Based on user feedback we received so far, we decided to keep supporting Reports V2 for longer while we improve the new version. So, if your application is already using V2, there is no deadline to migrate to V3 yet. If you decide to give V3 a try, do let us know what you think! Get in touch at

Summary Reports

Summary Reports provide an aggregation of time entries data, giving you an overview of total tracked time divided into different categories.

Detailed Reports

Detailed Reports offer an in-depth look into each individual time entry. This report type is ideal for a thorough review and export of your time entries.

API results for Detailed Reports are paginated, returning 50 entries at a time. Several headers returned with each call are crucial for pagination:

  • X-Next-ID: ID of the next time entry.
  • X-Next-Row-Number: Row number of the next time entry.

For efficient pagination in a detailed report, use the value returned in the X-Next-Row-Number header as the first_row_number parameter in your subsequent request.

Weekly Reports

Weekly Reports deliver aggregated data for 7-day periods, grouped by users and projects, in terms of either durations or earnings.

Saved Reports

Saved Reports can be stored and shared, even with individuals who don't possess a Toggl Track account. However, this feature is unavailable on the Free plan.


Insights comprise a suite of productivity tools designed to provide detailed information about the profitability of your projects and team members.

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